9:00 AM

Event begins. Be sure to arrive at the concessions stand to sign in and/or register for an ESTES rocket.

10:00 AM

Rocket assembly begins. There are two main stations: Bottle Rockets and ESTES Rockets.

  • Bottle Rockets mainly consist of decorating the bottle for the children as it is pressurized for launch.

  • ESTES rockets will require more working time as it requires glue. The ESTES rockets will be launched at the end of the day.

11:00 AM

Lunch Break for one hour. The event will provide a $5 lunch consisting of pizza, chips, a drink, and a dessert treat. Restaurants nearby include Mo Betta, Beef O’ Brady’s, Casa Grande Bar and Grill, and more.

12:00 PM

Guest Speakers will begin:

  1. Atilla Sulker - welcome speech

  2. J. Gibson Murrary - Apollo 11 perspectives and education

  3. Jimmy Yawn - How I fell in love with rocketry

  4. Rick Minor - Space and its influence on society

  5. Jawad Khan - Closing Speech

1:00 PM

ESTES Rockets will be launched steadily, as well as any other rocket brought in by attendees.

2:00 PM

High Powered Rocket will be launched in cross country course. More details can be found on the featured page.

3:00 PM

Event wraps up, cleaning and packing.