Tally Rocket Faire

Tallahassee, Florida

July 13, 2019


An Annual Affair

Tally Rocket Faire 2019

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s landing on the moon, a group of students and enthusiasts around the community have come together to create an opportunity for kids and adults to experience the wonders of rocket flight. Visit our Facebook page for updates.



where is it?

Apalachee Regional Park


Down Apalachee Parkway is a beautiful park that will host the Tally Rocket Faire. Parking will fill up quick, so make sure to arrive early. There is extra parking near the Apalachee soccer fields. Click the button for more information on the location.


What’s HAppening?

Schedule of Events

  • 9:00 AM - Bottle rocket launches will begin! Bring your own bottles and your favorite stickers/ decals! Children and adults will begin constructing ESTES rockets (registration required) with the assistance of a supervisor if necessary.

  • 11:00 PM - Everyone will break for lunch

  • 12:00 PM - Guest speakers will present

  • 1:00 PM - Model rocket launches begin!

For those who are interested in building an ESTES rocket kit, please register below to reserve a kit. Keep in mind that reservations are $10 at the booth. Those that will not buy a kit do not need to register. You can also click the navigation link in the menu to access the registration page.

Those willing to volunteer are invited to sign up on the volunteer page. There are two shifts: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM. Volunteers will set up and break down tables, assist attendees, and guide the children if necessary. You can also click the navigation link in the menu to access the volunteer page.

Be sure to check out our “featured” tab for a brief description of our flagship rocket to be launched at the end of the event!



Guest Speakers


J. Murray Gibson

J. Murray Gibson is dean of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.


Jimmy Yawn

Jimmy Yawn is a counselor at the Santa Fe College and a rocket fanatic.


Rick Minor

Rick Minor was elected to the Leon County Board of County Commissioners in August 2018.

I know the sky is not the limit, because there are footprints on the Moon—and I made some of them! So don’t allow anyone to denigrate or inhibit your lofty aspirations. Your dream can take you might higher and much farther than anyone ever thought possible! I know mine did.
— Buzz Aldrin